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Statement from Austin Boogie Crew Records owner Danny Spence:

"Over the past week I’ve been in pain, searching for the ability to speak on the recent murders of our sister Breonna Taylor and our brothers George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. As black people in America, we step out everyday knowing we can be killed simply living our lives. George was buying cigarettes. Ahmaud was jogging. Breonna was sleeping.

Most of these injustices happen in the shadows and are kept quiet, but even when hate crimes are captured on video -- we know the story. Chances of the perpetrator(s) even being charged, much less convicted, are beyond slim. That’s not just for police officers either. Guilty civilians walk away unscathed too while our black families are left shattered and without justice. I am angry, saddened, and fatigued by the encumbering weight of white supremacy.

Amid everything, it’s impossible not to feel uplifted by people of all creeds mobilizing in the streets, putting their lives at risk in the name of equality. By employees walking out on tone-deaf corporations. By allies contributing money to black organizations and black-owned businesses. By my fellow creative brothers and sisters continuing to thrive in the face of crushing adversity, as we always do, but shouldn’t have to.

Austin Boogie Crew Records is a black owned record label and I’m extremely proud of that. The majority of the industry is not controlled by us, even though black artists are responsible for most of the music we love, either directly or influentially. We have to fight for the same rights within the music industry that we do on the streets: respect, equality, representation, recognition, and compensation. That includes our music community: the funk scene.

Boogie is a beloved chapter in the legacy of black music; the melding of soul with electronic instrumentation. The evolution from disco to boogie speaks to black ingenuity and resourcefulness. Shifting from lush arrangements and string orchestras to drum machines and synths lowered the barrier to entry. Many boutique black labels popped up during this era and gave us killer lo-fi bedroom boogie. Despite a lack of mainstream radio play, black musicians forged ahead on tour circuits while their records tore up nightclubs. These are the records we put on the platter every night.

At the end of the day, it’s my feeling that any individual DJing black records, creating black influenced music, or running a label needs to be hip on the history. More importantly, they need to champion black lives because they are living off of them. In my 17 years DJing I’ve come across my share of musicians who were painfully out of touch with our struggle. I’ve heard many worse stories of black artists being financially exploited for their labor and creativity. It has to stop.

While thinking about all of this last year, the 'Boogie is Black' idea came to me and now definitely feels like the moment for it. The shirt is meant to acknowledge and celebrate the work of black funk artists. Austin Boogie Crew will continue fostering inclusion and diversity to the best of our ability, doing our small part to carry on the legacy of black music."

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Austin Boogie Crew Records Austin, Texas

Austin Boogie Crew (ABC) is an independent Black-owned record label specializing in Modern Funk. Soulful, synth-heavy, club-friendly music.

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